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A Gem from the less Pragma Documentation

Reading through the Perl documentation on pragmas (pragmata for the Hellenophiles) this morning, I discovered the following gem: CAVEATS This probably does nothing. This works only on 5.10+ At least it’s backwards compatible in not doing much.1 perldoc : less pragma↩

The Beauty of the Law

The beauty of the law is that it allows one to express one’s contempt for another in the most formal way possible.

Unworthy of Our Trust

Those who refuse to speak the truth and those who refuse to learn it are equally unworthy of our trust.

The Principle of Bivalence

It is very rare that a mistake in reasoning cannot be traced back to a betrayal of the principle of bivalence.

One Fact Out Of Context

One fact out of context can do as much harm to maintaining a proper perspective of everything as a thousand falsehoods.

The War on Truth

Smith’s Hitler Comment Sparks Criticism As if better proof were needed that the only war Americans seem to be winning is The War on Truth.

Les Défauts de l’Esprit

Whenever someone like Roger Penrose seeks to prop up an archaic set of philosophical beliefs using haphazard, semi-scientific theories, I think of these words of Nicolás Gómez Dávila, En las Geisteswissenschaften las matemáticas “servent à cacher les défauts de l’esprit”.1 I imagine that if I one day find it necessary to keep this website private, […]

East vs. West

The real distinction between Eastern Europe and Western Europe is the existence in the West of definite articles.


Every time I hear the word “open-minded”, I hear these words as a sort of call-and-response: Lots of knowledge fits into a hollow head.1 Karl Kraus↩

A Clown-Car Schedule

My life is defined by the daily struggle to fit forty hours of activity into sixteen hours of wakefulness.