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Gladly Unhappy

She was a woman with whom I could only be gladly unhappy: she was ideally suited to sharing my misery, but a state of mutual happiness was quite simply impossible. She could only be happy while in love and she could never be in love with me; and when I was happy, her depression seemed […]

A Thousand Soils

Love is a seed that can be set to flower in a thousand soils: a few words, a gesture, a face. But how much husbandry it takes to keep it alive, this fragile and ephemeral flower!

Wealth Impoverishes

It is amazing how quickly wealth impoverishes a people — how petty it makes the lives of the wealthy, how trivial it makes their concerns, how small it makes their hearts.

In The Face Of Uncertainty

What situation is more impossible to endure than one is which we cannot decide if the events around us are cause for love or hate?