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Good Intentions

Human history is the enragingly repetitive story of inefficacious good intentions.

My Platonism

Humanity is the shadow of a parody of its ideals, a clumsily written, derisory attempt at a mockery of its dreams.

The Lowest Standard

Rather than feel that he is a disappointment, a man tends rather to lower his standards to the point at which he can meet them reliably. This is the problem with our democratic society: our cultural standards are the product of the most mediocre members of our society, rather than a product of our aristocracy. […]

Where We Have Gone Astray

While earlier generations of Europeans thought that self-love was the root of all evil, Americans today assume that the path to goodness begins with learning to love oneself. The truth is rather that one needs to learn to distrust oneself.

The Fourfold Root Of Sufficient Love

The most important thing to me in a woman is that she be someone I can argue with. I do not mean someone I will fight with — I have no tolerance for fighting –, but someone that I can debate with rationally and yet also intensely passionately. Four things are required for this: she […]

The Worst Part Of Deception

“Not that you lied to me but that I no longer believe you — that is what has distressed me.” —1 Friedrich Nietzsche : Beyond Good And Evil : Part IV : Section 183↩

Concrete Men Of Flesh And Blood

My progressive disillusionment with liberal politics summed up: Los “ideales” son síntoma de narcicismo larvado. La patología del egoísmo reserva un capítulo al “idealista”. Sólo la persona concreta y carnal que amamos, es más que nuestro yo disfrazado.1 Nicolás Gómez Dávila↩

Victory, That Must Be Won Anew Each Day

No hay victoria espiritual que no sea necesario ganar cada día nuevamente1 We can never fully rest and we will never truly succeed, yet knowing all this we press on. Nicolás Gómez Dávila↩

Liberal, n.

Liberal, n. A man who laments the absence of compassion and sense of duty to the lower classes on the part of the upper classes, but fails to show even basic decency towards his friends, family and the others he comes across in his personal life; a man who feels deep compassion for those he […]


Burguesía es todo conjunto de individuos inconformes con lo que tienen y satisfechos de lo que son.1 If I had to choose a single passage to describe all that I felt about the world, I think I might choose this one. Nicolás Gómez Dávila↩