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Oscar Wilde Dashboard Widget

I loved my Oscar Wilde widget and its endless supply of clever snipes at human pretense, but I discovered today that it was using, by itself, a full 250MB of memory to run. Has anyone else ever used the widget and seen this kind of memory use? I almost suspect virus-like behavior with that amount […]


Who is not surprised at least once a day by the behavior of these featherless bipeds?

We Are Made of Glass

Different types of dangerous lives.– You have no idea what you are living through; you rush through life as if you were drunk and now and then fall down some staircase. But thanks to your drunkenness you never break a limb: your muscles are too relaxed and your brain too benighted for you to find […]

One Entrance and a Thousand Exits

The profound difference between our view of death and the Christian’s cannot be resaid too many times: to the Christian, death is a door that the self passes through, but to us it is a wall that bounds the world.

There’s No Justice, Just Us

There are so few moments when justice is plainly done in this life that you have to revel whenever you come across one: Nasdaq to Delist SCO Sep 27

Gregory: Say ‘Better.’

The average modern man is so confused about life because he does not realize that it is only in a world where actions have no consequences and humans have no goals that two things can be different without one being better.

He and She

She was too sweet to be steadfast; he too firm to be forgiving. But their love was the best that life could offer either of them and that was enough for them.

The Centrality Of Search Results

As far as I am concerned, any information on the web that does not come up in the top ten results on Google when I search for it might as well not exist at all. If your product has name X and feature Y, any search for the phrase “X Y” should return as the […]

As I Pass These Bars Tonight, I Think

I hate all sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense.1 H.L. Mencken↩


It is common to claim that hindsight is 20/20, but in practice it is slightly farsighted and severely myopic.