The Centrality Of Search Results

As far as I am concerned, any information on the web that does not come up in the top ten results on Google when I search for it might as well not exist at all. If your product has name X and feature Y, any search for the phrase “X Y” should return as the top result a page on your website summarizing feature Y of product X. If you do not have such a page, do not even bother adding feature Y to your product.

One response to “The Centrality Of Search Results”

  1. Jason

    Very true, I can’t remember the last time I ever went past page 3 in a search before I gave up…

    Speaking of web search, check out the new “”. I like how they suggest different categories such as pictures, video, maps, and word refinements.

    I’ve been working on an idea for my own web “search”, hopefully I’ll get a chance to run it by you some time. I’ve been thinking it up for about 3 months now, and hope to code it this winter :)

    Haha I could follow the naming conventions…
    SINAWS – Sinaws Is Not A Web Search

    Not sure that sounds too inviting though :lol: