There’s No Justice, Just Us

There are so few moments when justice is plainly done in this life that you have to revel whenever you come across one:

Nasdaq to Delist SCO Sep 27

3 responses to “There’s No Justice, Just Us”

  1. alexei

    happy birthday with one day-delay!!! did you know i live now with two girls from boston!? i hope i can improve my english now!!! come visit us soon man!

  2. Jason

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (With 1 day and 30min delay) It was nice to hear from you today!
    I ended up finishing up the competition, albeit losing horribly to the young kids who sit and code c++ all day. Their extremely pale skin was proof they haven’t left their dark rooms and computers to see the day light… haha, I’m happy for them though, they did very well. All in all, I’m glad I gave it a shot and I even got a free Bloomberg t-shirt and pizza!

    Hope you had a great birthday, and best of luck with Grad school!

  3. xharekx33

    hell yeah