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Primes Inter Pares

The McCarthy trials and the Salem Witch Hunt’s — both examples of a very American sort of parity check, designed to find and purge any and all primes inter pares.

For Harek

As I’ve done for two years now, I’d like to thank Harek for being the best friend I could ever ask for. Even though we almost never find the time to talk anymore, I have not once doubted that our friendship is still something sacred. Time flies and it’s flown away with me this time. […]

One Suggestion for Writing Well

Whenever possible, a writer should avoid allowing the same word to be repeated twice in a row within a single sentence, unless the writer intends to produce the rhetorical effect of geminatio. Sentences that contain phrases like, (a) “I think that that is not true,” or, (b) “these strings differ at at least two different […]


The belief that human life is sacred in the abstract often has the effect of degrading the lives of flesh-and-blood human beings in practice.

Tourism, n.

Tourism, n. A degenerate form of colonialism, in the way that Spanish is a degenerate form of Latin.


It would likely not be such a problem that man is alogos if only he were not also anomos.

Remember This Day

In our society, you may always say insulting things, so long as you do not make it clear whom you are insulting.

1 TB External Hard Drives

I just received my new 1 TB external hard drive in the mail. It cost $330 dollars. Looking at it, I realized that I am old enough that the hard drive I now use with my computer is more than 10,000 times larger than the hard drive in the first computer I had as a […]

Tears in the Canopy of This World

I should like to meet anyone who has ever felt, if but for the briefest of moments, that the stars in the night sky are really tears in the canopy of this world — and that, with resolve and perseverance, one might succeed in clawing one’s way out of this world through them.

Suspension of Disbelief

Perhaps he so easily trusts because he does not truly trust at all, but simply suspends disbelief.