Les Défauts de l’Esprit

Whenever someone like Roger Penrose seeks to prop up an archaic set of philosophical beliefs using haphazard, semi-scientific theories, I think of these words of Nicolás Gómez Dávila,

En las Geisteswissenschaften las matemáticas “servent à cacher les défauts de l’esprit”.1

I imagine that if I one day find it necessary to keep this website private, it will be easiest to encrypt my meaning by simply imposing the precondition that at least four languages must be used in every post. For the more allusive one is, the more elusive one is.

  1. Nicolás Gómez Dávila : Escolios a un texto implícito : Tomo II

4 responses to “Les Défauts de l’Esprit”

  1. Jason

    A nice post, once I figured it out. It’s not too difficult for me since I am familiar with 3/4 of the languages, a cognate is used, and google translator can help pick up the whatever is left over. :)

  2. Jason

    Hey John, I hope to keep using the old one for large articles, and the tumblr one for quick notes. I suppose keeping it as is would be fine for now. I doubt anyone clicks on my link anyway, but I appriciate you keeping it up. :)

    I haven’t been doing much programing the past few weeks, so I’ve had less notes.This should change in following weeks as I work on an Android (new mobile OS) project.