The Big Parade

I’ve just come back from the war.
I’m angry and tired and bored,
Scarred by the things that I saw.
Still don’t feel like I’m home.

Don’t wanna go back,
But I don’t wanna stay.
I’m still waiting for
The big parade.

Just before dawn
Doesn’t feel like last fall.
Feels like a friend I’ve lost touch with
Who I hoped wouldn’t call.

Blankets and clothes,
Pictures of wives,
The glow in the burning
We saw from the sky.

When I woke up,
All swaddled in white,
I wanted my mother,
Wanted her to tell me why I was alive.

I’d write every night
Just before bed.
For a while there I stopped.
Did you think I was dead?

The truth of it is
I was just scared —
Scared to come back;
I wanted to stay.

I’m still still waiting
For the big parade.

Don’t wanna go back.
Don’t wanna stay…

I’m still waiting,
Still waiting for
The big parade.1

This song always strikes me as the most beautiful of the songs by Jonah Matranga.

  1. Jonah Matranga : Songs I Hope My Mom Will Like : The Big Parade