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Bug Still Present in iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware

The bug I complained about on January 12, 2008 is still present in the recently updated iPhone firmware, version 1.1.3. Perhaps 1.1.4 will solve the problem.

Endless Hitherandthithering

He was continuously surprised anew by her endless hitherandthithering; moreso because he was never certain whither she went. He was not even certain that there was a definite direction — that it was not movement for movement’s sake he was watching.

The Aeolus Delusion

Today’s weather suggests that I may have offended Poseidon recently.

One Short Sleep Past

As our bodies, exhausted after much travail, must rest, so too may love, compassion or forgiveness need to sleep when they have been too much taxed. But that does not mean that they will not awake again.

One Thing Thou(gh)?

Of all the shortened spellings currently popular, I think the most problematic is the use of “thou” as an alternative for “though”. I am genuinely confused by this at times when I find that I cannot parse a sentence using the assumption that “thou” means “you”.