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Oxytocin, Oxytocin, Horatio

At least once a month I feel the urge to say to someone, “Oxytocin, oxytocin, Horatio.”

The Primacy of Language as Sound

A writer who never feels a desire to read aloud is like a composer who has no desire to hear music played.

The Big Parade

I’ve just come back from the war. I’m angry and tired and bored, Scarred by the things that I saw. Still don’t feel like I’m home. Don’t wanna go back, But I don’t wanna stay. I’m still waiting for The big parade. Just before dawn Doesn’t feel like last fall. Feels like a friend I’ve […]

Love, n.

Love, n. A form of naïvete in regard to the character of another. Unsurprisingly — in light of the fact that we most often love those who resemble us in some way –. it also a form of naïvete in regard to oneself.

Human Rationality: 77601 > 77377

Nearly everything interesting that can be said about “human rationality” can be gleaned from prolonged consideration of the fact that I will never cease feeling that 77377 looks like it is a larger number than 77601.

Prohibition, Drug Laws, Sexual Mores

It is not virtue, but rather hypocrisy, that is most often the product of draconian laws.

Ex Contradictione Omnia

Remember: mercy is twice-blessed, but revenge is sweeter than honey. A proof by example that arguments from authority are fallacious.