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Programming’s Joys

A programmer’s satisfaction with himself is measured in the lines of code he has written that worked on the first run. His knowledge of his subject matter is measured in the same way.

Distributive Justice: 46th Street and 6th Avenue

No one who has spent any time at a crosswalk in midtown Manhattan during lunchtime has an excuse for believing that a set of laws can be instituted and enforced by human beings that will satisfy the demands of any theory of distributive justice.

Vacuous Hopes

It is not the constant suffering that the chronically depressed are certain fills the world that is heartrending, but rather the pathetic vacuity of the things in which they find hope.

Internet, n.

Internet, n. The world’s largest soapbox.

One-and-a-Half Truths

When this man hears two people repeat a half-truth, it strikes him as a quarter-truth, but when that man hears them, it strikes him as a three-quarters-truth.

Two More Passages from Hayek

Two other passages from Hayek’s “The Counter-Revolution of Science” that seemed worth quoting, ironically because of their fundamental importance for psychology. It is that not only those mental entities, such as “concepts” or “ideas,” which are commonly recognized as “abstractions,” but all mental phenomena, sense perceptions and images as well as the more abstract “concepts” […]


Much that today is thought of as a sign of being a “liberated” person would once have rather been considered proof that one is merely “self-willed.” And so it is that Houellebecq’s books are worth something to our age: they are among the few that explore the ways in which we deceive and betray ourselves […]

The History of Ideas

The discussions of every age are filled with the issues on which its leading schools of thought differ. But the general intellectual atmosphere of the time is always determined by the views on which the opposing schools agree. They become the unspoken presuppositions of all thought, the common and unquestioningly accepted foundations on which all […]

The Apotheosis of the Coquette

I think it is easy for most people to understand why I am usually so disheartened by the popularity of Sex and the City, but for those desiring an explanation I think just a few words suffice: Sex and the City is, far too often, the apotheosis of the coquette.

Tom Morello’s Idealism?

In the past twenty four hours, I have seen Tom Morello in Iron Man and Air Guitar Nation. I can only say that his radical ideals suddenly seem even more disingenuous than before.