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Media Bias in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal

A recent post on the Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science blog provides an especially clear example of media bias: the New York Times uses an article recently published in Science to support the traditionally liberal view of gender differences as created by social injustices, while the Wall Street Journal uses the same research […]

The Watchmen and Jeremy Bentham

I was delighted to find out today that Bryan Caplan thinks, just as I have for many years now, that The Watchmen is the Best… Utilitarian Parable… Ever.1 Bryan Caplan : EconLog : Why Read the Watchmen?↩

Fannie and Freddie

Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin.1 Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. : New York Post : Treasury’s Thieves↩

Progressive Denmark

What strikes me as so absurd about the word progressive and its use when speaking of, say “progressive Denmark”, is the arrogant presumption that we know what events represent progress.

Another Reason to Love the Internet

The Internet helps prosecutors argue for stricter sentences for people with no scruples.

Democracy’s Failings Take 26355

There are two recurrent complaints about American democracy that have been on my mind lately: the inability of most Americans to name their representatives and the ever-increasingly central role of the president. Both of these strike me as the inevitable result of our government’s structure. There simply are too many representatives to keep track of. […]

More iPhone App Reviews

Here are some more reviews of iPhone apps I’ve had a chance to use. This completes the list of apps I’ve downloaded so far, but I’m sure I’ll try more over the next two weeks before I leave for Europe for the rest of the summer. Facebook: A very slick interface to Facebook. Worth using […]

iPhone 2.0 App Reviews

Here are some very brief reviews of the iPhone 2.0 apps I’ve downloaded and used since getting the leaked firmware last night: Advent: As terrible as Adventure ever has been. Truly a monument to incompetent game design. Also one of the greatest pieces of evidence in human history that constraints on your possible choices at […]

Usury Condemned

On Amateur Economists, I just read the following words: McCain chastises “speculators” and says he wishes interest rates could be 0%.1 Is this claim true? Has McCain really said something like this? I was aware that McCain likes to emphasize traditional Christian values, but this is a throwback to the most ancient sort of Christian […]

Follow-Up to a Case of Uxoricide

As evidence against the claims of every person who insists that the opinions of all people in our society need to be respected, I submit the following evidence from the recent prosecution of Hans Reiser for uxoricide: Exhibit A — The comments posted on the Wired article that reported Reiser’s conviction. Exhibit B — A […]