More iPhone App Reviews

Here are some more reviews of iPhone apps I’ve had a chance to use. This completes the list of apps I’ve downloaded so far, but I’m sure I’ll try more over the next two weeks before I leave for Europe for the rest of the summer.

  1. Facebook: A very slick interface to Facebook. Worth using if you have a Facebook account.
  2. Myspace: Also a slick interface. Similarly worth installing for Myspace users.
  3. Jott: This is a really great interface to Jott, a web service I’ve been using for several months now. I consistently encouraging others to try Jott, and I think that this app should convince many more people to use Jott for a while. It’s actually much more intuitive than the Jott website itself, even when viewing the Jott website on a full screen like my iMac’s. I would suggest that any one who needs to take notes while they’re walking down the street or driving should install this app as soon as possible.
  4. Where: I haven’t had much time to use this, and it seems that some of the features, notably the Starbucks location finder, don’t work because the server can’t be reached. When I start driving and using the gas station finder I’ll give an update on my opinion of this app.
  5. Whrrl: Another app whose real use I think is still somewhat in the future for me. So far I don’t have any active friends who I can locate using Whrrl, so it’s a bit boring. Also, there are simply way too many places displayed at once on the map even when you select only restaurants for viewing. Somehow the list of places to show needs to be made a lot smaller (and more tailored to my taste) before the app will be really helpful to me. I am interested to see where this goes with time.
  6. NettersNeuro: This application is a set of touchscreen enabled flashcards for students of neuroanatomy. It’s great if you ever find yourself wanting to review the basal ganglia on the subway. So great, in fact, that it’s worth the $40 bucks it costs.
  7. Blip Solitaire: Playing Pong against yourself really isn’t very fun. This is a small step above phonesaber in the novelty category.
  8. Bubble: Another novelty app. All you can do is draw and pop bubbles on your screen. Nice looking, but boring after about five seconds.
  9. Epocrates Rx: A great interface to a brilliant service for anyone who deals with prescription drugs regularly. I have no idea how much is lost using this free version over a premium edition, but I find it contains enough information for my needs.
  10. Aurora Feint: One of the best, if not, the best free iPhone game I’ve played so far. Very nice graphics; interesting, if not yet great, gameplay. I would probably get rid of the superfluous RPG elements if I were redoing this app, though. They don’t seem to add anything ,and they definitely end up taking away time I’d rather spend mastering my accelerometer skills.
  11. Cube Runner: Surprisingly fun for such a simple game. Basically this is a very simplified version of Super Monkey Ball, that’s free and has straight up polygon graphics. It’s still fun, though. Worth trying since it’s free. Probably the smoothest accelerometer use I’ve seen in any of the free apps.
  12. zintin: I probably shouldn’t comment on zintin since I’ve already deleted it. It seemed to be a conglomeration of ideas handled better by separate apps: a Twitter style “wall”, some location finding, and map use รก la Whrrl or Where. Maybe others will enjoy it, but I personally don’t see it as worth having.