Why Shouldn’t I Put You in Jail?

This snippet of court proceedings is amazing:

“Why shouldn’t I put you in jail for contempt today?” Booth asked. “I told you twice.”

“I’m sorry,” Arnold said.

“No, you’re not,” Booth said. “I told you twice. I even fined you for being in contempt. Why shouldn’t I throw you in jail today? You apparently don’t care about the court’s orders.

“I forgot,” Arnold said.

“How could you forget?” Booth said. “No, seriously, how could you forget? It’s a complete disregard of court order. Complete. You should go to jail today, and you’re going.”1

I particularly like the fact that the judge used the words, “no, seriously.” For those who don’t want to read the original article, the judge was so incensed because the defendant repeatedly wore short shorts during her trial.

  1. Bluegrass Beat : Judge jails woman for wearing short shorts