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Not Embracing Libertarianism

I am not a libertarian because I ultimately see liberty as a means rather than an end.

The Voice in the Wilderness

Often our ideas sound good to us simply because we have never heard them come out of anyone else’s mouth. We then find that a singe echo can suffice to disillusion us.

A veces se imaginaban de viejos…

Era guapísima, pensó. La mujer más guapa del mundo. Un vestido negro, escotado por detrás, el pelo recogido en la nuca. Unos ojos grandes e inteligentes que lo miraron de esa manera singular con que miran algunas mujeres, como si se pasearan por dentro de ti, escudriñándote cada rincón, y esa certeza te erizara la […]

Obama vs. Palin

If you have a graduate degree, then Obama, even though he’s black and you may be white, is nevertheless more “your people” than Sarah Palin is.1 It takes about thiry seconds walking around the Princeton Graduate College to see this proven unequivocally. Half Sigma : David Frum mentions eugenics↩

Would God Buy that Stock?

Yes, America, you’ve come to this: an article on MSN Money entitled, “Would God Buy that Stock?”. The article does, though, provide some interesting examples of how capitalism provides the members of society with the tools to enforce their choices on others without recourse to governmental decree.

Income Inequality and Partisanship

Democrats always complain about income inequality, but this op-ed would suggest they might want to foster it instead.

Orwell on Gibraltar

For the past few weeks I’ve been reading George Orwell’s journals, which are being posted here as if they were the entries of a blog. Generally, I’ve been disappointed: Orwell’s fascination with details leads to short entries that, by and large, only contain his descriptions of mundane objects like the farm animals he had encountered […]

Status R-Quo

It occurred to me today that there should be a website devoted to web design called “Status R-Quo”.


Political correctness is necessarily a crime against free speech, because what is offensive to one man is often thought-provoking to another.