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Skepticism is Worth It

Skepticism is Worth It

Being a Gene Expression reader, I’ve wanted to start playing with the GSS (General Social Survey) data for some time. This past week, I finally started to do just that. Taking advantage of the freely available downloads of GSS data in SPSS format and R’s “foreign” library for reading in SPSS data, I’ve found a […]

The Hollowest of Laws

In case this article hadn’t convinced you that the TSA is a waste of taxpayers’ money, maybe this article will help. Not only is the TSA pointless: it’s filled with crooks who use its irrational regulations as a cover for their own greed.

Empiricism and Philosophy

Every year, I come to agree more and more with this passage from “The Gay Science”: Truthfulness.– I favor any skepsis to which I may reply: “Let us try it!” But I no longer wish to hear anything of all those things and questions that do not permit any experiment. This is the limit of […]

In Praise of Firefox 3.1

As part of my current strategy for delaying my return to the ongoing growing pains of learning probability theory, I just installed the most recent best of Firefox 3.1. Its speed really is amazing, so I would recommend it to anyone who can afford to risk having their browser crash once in a while. It […]