In Praise of Firefox 3.1

As part of my current strategy for delaying my return to the ongoing growing pains of learning probability theory, I just installed the most recent best of Firefox 3.1. Its speed really is amazing, so I would recommend it to anyone who can afford to risk having their browser crash once in a while. It renders most of the pages I frequent substantially faster than Firefox 3.0.

2 responses to “In Praise of Firefox 3.1”

  1. Jason

    I’ve noticed a huge improvement in javascript performance in version 3 overall. This has made me very excited to push the websites I’m working on a little bit more, in terms of dynamic feedback and graphics. I hope IE can catch up so I don’t end up hearing about my “slow” performing javascript code…

  2. John Myles White

    Good luck there, Jason. A lot of people are having that same exact thought these days. There’s still a little while before IE8, so there’s some room for hope.