GRE Scores and Political Correctness

This week a table of average GRE scores for different academic disciplines has been circulating around the economic blogosphere. You can see it at Greg Mankiw’s blog here.

After a colleague pointed the chart out to me today, I decided that I would combine the GRE scores with self-identification scores of political correctness from another chart that made its way around my circle of friends a few months ago. Below you’ll find the resulting scatterplot and regression line.


The correlation coefficient in the chart is -0.63, indicating a noticeable decline in GRE performance as one transitions to groups that are more PC. You can figure out the implications of that statement for yourself.

2 responses to “GRE Scores and Political Correctness”

  1. somedude

    “You can figure out the implications of that statement for yourself.”

    Clearly a clever ploy to make sure than only people who are not politically correct will be able to figure out what you are getting at.

    Politically correct people won’t have the required GRE to interpret all those numbers and data points!