In Praise of Robert Nozick

Several of my favorite economics bloggers have praised Robert Nozick during the past few days, whose 70th birthday would have been this past Sunday. I have considerable respect for Nozick, but must admit that this anecdote from David Henderson’s post on Econlog strikes me as more impressive than any specific part of Nozick’s considerable philosophical output:

The second thing I remember that always stands out was from an interview Nozick did in the 1970s or 1980s, I believe with Reason, in which he talked about a left-wing student who threatened to forcibly prevent Nozick from teaching a class on capitalism at Harvard. Nozick took the man aside and, in his recounting, threatened to “beat the s**t out of him.” The class went on as scheduled.1

  1. David Henderson : EconLog : Nozick — An Appreciation

One response to “In Praise of Robert Nozick”

  1. Cevrik Wiffe

    Who keeps commenting old posts?

    This anecdote is unedifying and everything about that man is in bad taste. The only redeeming qualities a social sceintist can have are exceptional height, Judaism, a birthplace in New Jersey, and not being a social scientist. One out of three is not enough, three out of four are not enough. Why did we not record our high school raps about libertarians having sexual dysfunction?