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Linear Regression and Decisions about Sampling

Lately I’ve been thinking about the optimal strategy for data collection when you plan to run a linear regression. Clearly, you want a sample of widely distributed points if you’re unsure that a strict linearity assumption is appropriate. If you already know from theoretical reasons that linearity is appropriate, then you know that you only […]

Making the Most of My Mac

For literally years I’ve been meaning to write a post about my favorite programs and utilities for the Mac, but I’ve always managed to put it off. Given that I recently sent my girlfriend my old Powerbook, I thought that I should finally write down a list of the programs and tools that I’ve found […]

Again with the Null Hypothesis Significance Testing

As I was finishing reading “The Cult of Statistical Significance” yesterday, the following passage struck me as particularly important: Rothman computed a p-value function — a continuous function of p-values mapped against a range of effect sizes. The range of effect sizes was here again measured by the relative risk ratio and includes both beneficial […]