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Skepticism is Worth It

Skepticism is Worth It

Being a Gene Expression reader, I’ve wanted to start playing with the GSS (General Social Survey) data for some time. This past week, I finally started to do just that. Taking advantage of the freely available downloads of GSS data in SPSS format and R’s “foreign” library for reading in SPSS data, I’ve found a […]

The Hollowest of Laws

In case this article hadn’t convinced you that the TSA is a waste of taxpayers’ money, maybe this article will help. Not only is the TSA pointless: it’s filled with crooks who use its irrational regulations as a cover for their own greed.

Empiricism and Philosophy

Every year, I come to agree more and more with this passage from “The Gay Science”: Truthfulness.– I favor any skepsis to which I may reply: “Let us try it!” But I no longer wish to hear anything of all those things and questions that do not permit any experiment. This is the limit of […]

In Praise of Firefox 3.1

As part of my current strategy for delaying my return to the ongoing growing pains of learning probability theory, I just installed the most recent best of Firefox 3.1. Its speed really is amazing, so I would recommend it to anyone who can afford to risk having their browser crash once in a while. It […]

No One Ever Beats Vegas

It occurred to me today that the reason I find attempts to “beat Vegas” so odd is that I am nearly certain that, if you are smart enough to actually beat Vegas and yet you are not spending your time trying to beat Wall Street instead, you must be stupid. Consider this my proof by […]

What Does the Modern Conservative Movement Stand For?

So, to paraphrase a real conservative, Ronald Reagan: I haven’t left the Republican Party. It left me.1 From the end of a piece by Christopher Buckley in which he explains his endorsement of Barack Obama and his subsequent resignation from the National Review, the conservative magazine that his father founded. The piece as a whole […]

The Origins of Poverty

Among those with any compassion for the poor, there seem to be two schools: those who believe that the poor face difficult lives that make it impossible for them to function and those who believe that the poor face easy lives, but are constitutionally incapable of meeting even those limited challenges for some reason.

Not Embracing Libertarianism

I am not a libertarian because I ultimately see liberty as a means rather than an end.

The Voice in the Wilderness

Often our ideas sound good to us simply because we have never heard them come out of anyone else’s mouth. We then find that a singe echo can suffice to disillusion us.