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Visualizing Eigenfactors

These interactive graphics are simply beautiful. And they just so happen to be profoundly informative about the structure of modern science as well. Here’s to the hope that we will see more work from Moritz Stefaner soon that shows how our aesthetic and scientific demands can be met simultaneously. HT to Infosthetics.

A Request for Programming Tools

Now that I do a great deal of my programming in Ruby, there are two tools I constantly miss from my Perl days: Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic. For those who’ve never done any Perl hacking, the first is a code formatting tool and the second analyzes Perl code for the presence of common stylistic weaknesses. They […]

Unpretentious Truths

Returning tonight to reading Taleb’s “Black Swan”, I was struck by the extent to which his preference for empiricism over theory repeats Nietzsche’s praise of “unpretentious truths” in Human, All Too Human: Estimation of unpretentious truths.– It is the mark of a higher culture to value the little unpretentious truths which have been discovered by […]

Crimes without Prosecution

4. Back to politics. One can easily imagine the defense strategy, which will start by calling to the stand various Democratic senators and representatives who had been informed of the interrogation tactics and did not publicly object to them at the time. The testimony would surely be entertaining, as the politicians would be put in […]

United States Botantical Gardens

United States Botantical Gardens

If only everything in the world looked as good in photographs as the flowers in the United States Botantical Gardens:

The Accounting of Offenses

The sloppiest book we keep is the one in which we record the wrongs done by others.

Big Holes and Holes Filled

This video is simply awesome, even though I don’t particularly agree that tax cuts will clearly work.

A Publian Thought

I find it distressing that people are much more interested in talking about Obama’s inauguration than in discussing the merits and demerits of his proposed policies.


The shallowness of a mind that sees only one layer of causes: a dog biting the rock that was thrown at it.

A Suggestion for File Organization Systems

Every program designed to organize files — iTunes, Papers, etc. — would benefit from making the MD5 hashes of every file available to advanced users as another column. These hashes would make the removal of duplicates extremely efficient, especially in Papers, where the files themselves are often haphazardly tagged.