Color Schemes for R Bar Plots

A recurrent source of irritation for me is the absence of a good default behavior in R for choosing the color scheme for bar plots. A stacked bar plot looks only as good as the color scheme you use. In hope of finding a usable scheme that I could settle on as a personal default, I picked two color schemes, Sunshine over Glacier and Sweet Valentine, from Adobe’s Kuler site that struck me as particularly nice for bar plots. To test them, I plotted data from a recent Gene Expression post on moral beliefs among different religious groups in America. You can see the results below.

Sunshine over Glacier

Sunshine over Glacier Example.png

Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine Example.png

What do people think of these color schemes? Also, does anyone have ideas about how to incorporate a legend that doesn’t ruin the balance of this plot? At present, it’s impossible to know what these graphs actually mean, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to add a legend to the graphs without substantially expanding the screen area used by them.

4 responses to “Color Schemes for R Bar Plots”

  1. Alvaro

    Nice post John,

    quite interesting as colour should help understand graphs better; not only numbers matter.

    You might be interested in these:

    Hope that helps

  2. maxim

    Hey John
    I was wondering if you could tell us how you replicated the color schemes in R. There are definitely some cool schemes at Kulur but I have no idea how to make up the scheme in R. I would love to learn how and present some aesthetic figures for lab meeting.