A Note on Susan Boyle’s Triumph

I finally watched the video of Susan Boyle’s success on “Britain’s Got Talent” this morning. It is, indeed, an amazing performance. Plainly, this is as close as we get in real life to the fairy tale story of an overlooked woman with amazing skills finally being given the honors she deserves. I am quite excited to see how it all turns out for Boyle.

But, I must admit, equally fascinating to me during the video were the facial expressions and body language of the one female judge, Amanda Holden. I can’t help but think that the relationship between Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden reminds me of the conventional movie villain and his submissive lover — say, for instance, the relationship between Camille Montes and Dominic Greene in the most recent Bond film, “Quantum of Solace,” though the overlap is not perfect there.

I highly recommend watching the video: both to see Boyle’s performance — which is truly remarkable — and to wonder at the thoughts going through Holden’s head.