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Unfamiliar Vices

People often act as if disgust and surprise were intrinsically linked, but there is no reason why familiar vices should trouble us less than unfamiliar ones. At least the unfamiliar have the charm of novelty in their favor.

Human / Chimpanzee Parallels

Since I posted a little while ago about the recent PLoS One article on chimpanzee prostitution, I thought that I should show that I am no speciesist by reminding us all that human prostitution is alive in just those forms we see among the chimpanzees. These two articles I read today should serve as case […]

Underage Drinking and Pointless Laws

Underage Drinking and Pointless Laws

Riding the PATH this morning on my early morning commute back to Princeton, I saw this sign from a new Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey campaign to maintain our current drinking age. While I am as drug-free as they come and no fan of alcohol, the sign struck me as classic, meaningless political rhetoric. […]