The Obama Administration vs. American Industry

Specifically, the FTC takes issue with the close relationship between the boards of the two companies. Both boards share two directors, which, according to U.S. legislation, is a big no-no. Despite it being a technical violation, however, it often happens that directors do sit on multiple boards, and the FTC rarely steps in, in most cases. So what’s the difference? Basically, the severity of the offense seems to be measured in success. Since Google and Apple’s team-ups pose a threat to the ability of other companies to compete, their director-sharing raises red flags at the FTC.1

What a stupid policy move. Really, whose bright idea was, “let’s go after the only two companies in America that make useful products.”

  1. The Apple Blog: FTC May Force End to Google-Apple Love Affair

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  1. Henry

    Those companies are not really – maybe you should move to one of those large states that are boring to drive across.