Sick Day Achievements

Spending my day at home while being sick has at least one perk: I can catch up with everything on the Internet that I’ve put off reading. After a day of RSS feed reading, I’ve compiled a list of things that I think are awesome and another list of things that I think are awful.

Things I think are awesome:

  1. Robots will take over the world one day: after all, here’s a Sudoku-solving Lego Mindstorms robot.
  2. Even better, there’s also a Rubik’s Cube-solving Lego Mindstorms robot.
  3. My friend Jim Keller’s latest project was featured on the Drupal main page today.
  4. Those cheating chimpanzee women are not to be trusted.
  5. How often does your Congressperson speak up?
  6. Here’s the 56th Carnival of Mathematics
  7. Cognitive psychology has something to say about the use of gendered words in language.
  8. A clever scheme from Bryan Caplan for making money in an irrational economy.
  9. Because repelling just gets boring after a while.

Things I think are awful:

  1. The Rule of Law is flouted once again by an American state.
  2. Swedish regulation at its stupidest.
  3. Englewood has a little town drama.
  4. Most cyclists are killed by terrible drivers.
  5. Still think that our government officials can be trusted?
  6. Eugene Volokh notes a recent and dangerous precedent for homeschoolers in a case that he wishes never had to be decided by the legal system.
  7. The public really, really has prurient taste.