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Risk Aversion in Action

From Pew Research, here’s a gem for those interested in real world examples of risk aversion:there are two people who prefer a secure job that pays less well for every one person who prefers a higher salary with the risk of job loss. Of course, you’d want to know what all of these people assume […]

Nietzsche’s Formula for Happiness

My formula for happiness: a Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal.1 It amazes me that nearly all of Nietzsche’s philosophy is implicit in this single maxim, which is plainly a statement of the motive that singularly defined his personality. What is the madman of The Gay Science’s fear when he says, “what were […]

Hating on Norman Mailer

This assault on Norman Mailer impresses me more the more times I read it. I’m not familiar enough with Mailer to judge its accuracy, but the tone is perfect for my taste: His vulgarity was a more significant factor in his allure than whatever he possessed of high aspiration. The way his most serious ambition […]

Paul Graham on Determination

Paul Graham just posted a new essay on determination. It is probably my favorite of his essays so far. I particularly like this paragraph: That word balance is a significant one. The more willful you are, the more disciplined you have to be. The stronger your will, the less anyone will be able to argue […]