iPhone SSH Clients

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of my work over an SSH connection. I therefore decided that I should finally invest in an iPhone SSH client. After looking at pTerm, TouchTerm and iSSH, I decided that I should purchase iSSH. I have to say that this was one of the better app purchases I’ve ever made. What makes an SSH client app so valuable is not the ability to log in to one of my servers remotely per se, but rather that this ability provides me with a workaround for the most burdensome of the iPhone SDK’s clauses: the prohibition of language interpreters. By logging in to a remote machine over SSH from my iPhone, I can now write R and Ruby programs while I’m on the train. This is a major gain for my productivity, as I’d formally been reduced to programming on my iPhone using notes that I would e-mail to myself and debug hours after originally writing them.

On another note, I also bought the game Canabalt recently, which may be the best iPhone game that I’ve ever played. If you want to convince yourself of its brilliance, you can play a Javascript version of it for free online.

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