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Implementing Push and Pop in R

Having grown up with Perl, there are two functions that I desperately miss while programming in R: push and pop. Continually writing 1 vector <- c(vector, new.entry) tries my patience, while writing 1 2 vector <- rep(NA, inscrutable.constant) vector[inscrutable.index] <- new.entry makes me feel like I’m programming in C, rather than a higher-level programming language. […]

R Function Usage Frequencies

A few months ago I decided to apply word frequency analysis ideas to R code. My idea was simple: the functions that one should invest the most effort into learning are precisely those functions that are used most frequently in real world code. In fact, this simple idea can be applied to spoken languages as […]

The Young and the Restless

I’ve held onto old codes of honor like the captain to a sinking ship. The world moved on and rolled its eyes, but there are some things that are worse than dying. It’s always been my way to over-romanticize, cuz’ when I was young I had a hard time with what was real and fantasized. […]