Blegging for Data

I’m in the middle of a new project that involves analyzing the packages that are currently on CRAN. As part of my work, I could really benefit from information about which packages are installed on people’s computers. If you’re willing to part with a bit of your time and privacy, I’d very much appreciate you running the following script in R,

4 <- installed.packages()[,c(1,3)]
          file = 'my_installed_packages.csv',
          row.names = FALSE)

and sending me the output file my_installed_packages.csv by e-mail to

3 responses to “Blegging for Data”

  1. Shreyas

    Hi I just sent you the #rstats data! Thanks for all the posts on this site the are really very helpful!

  2. Larry (IEOR Tools)

    If you are interested in package popularity you might want to contact the CRAN web admins and ask for the frequency of downloads.