Two New R Packages: log4r and SortableHTMLTables

I’ve just released two new packages for R: log4r and SortableHTMLTables. log4r is a minimal logging utility for R that’s inspired by the log4j family of logging tools. It has substantially fewer features than other logging tools for R, but it’s hopefully easier to use. SortableHTMLTables uses brew and the jQuery Tablesorter plugin to provide a function that dumps a data frame out to an HTML document containing a sortable table. You can see an example of the output here. Both packages were submitted to CRAN today and should reach the mirrors over the next few days.

6 responses to “Two New R Packages: log4r and SortableHTMLTables”

  1. Tal Galili

    The SortableHTMLTables outputs looks cool, thanks.

    The log4r also, is it intended for S4 objects? (I am asking since I don’t know what object oriented implementation in R you are using)

  2. jrara

    SortableHTMLTables does not seem to understand factors? Thanks for this package anyway!

    #species varibale is converted to numeric?
    sortable.html.table(iris, “iris.html”, “iris”)

  3. Branson

    You mentioned “other logging tools for R”? What are they? I didn’t know there are other logging tools for R. log4r is a pioneer as far as I know. I would appreciate to know other logging packages. Apologize if I mis-understand your words, and thanks a lot for your great work! I found your package and was using it before you upload to CRAN. It works very well for me so far.