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Spam Comments

I may have deleted a genuine comment by accident today while cleaning out the spam queue. My apologies if it was yours. I generally delete all the comments in my spam queue without checking their contents carefully because of their quantity. Only after clicking the delete button a few moments ago did I notice that […]

A 3D Version of R's curve() Function

A 3D Version of R’s curve() Function

I like exploring the behavior of functions of a single variable using the curve() function in R. One thing that seems to be missing from R’s base functions is a tool for exploring functions of two variables. I asked for examples of such a function on Twitter today and didn’t get any answers, so I […]

Canabalt Revisited: Gamma Distributions, Multinomial Distributions and More JAGS Goodness

Canabalt Revisited: Gamma Distributions, Multinomial Distributions and More JAGS Goodness

Introduction Neil Kodner recently got me interested again in analyzing Canabalt scores statistically by writing a great post in which he compared the average scores across iOS devices. Thankfully, Neil’s made his code and data freely available, so I’ve been revising my original analyses using his new data whenever I can find a free minute. […]

Review of R Graphs Cookbook

The kind people at Packt Publishing recently asked me to review one of their newest R books: the R Graphs Cookbook. In general, I think pretty highly of the book: it provides a nice overview of the basic tools for visualizing data in R. If you’re just getting started with creating graphs in R, this […]

Modern Science and the Bayesian-Frequentist Controversy

The Bayesian-Frequentist debate reflects two different attitudes to the process of doing science, both quite legitimate. Bayesian statistics is well-suited to individual researchers, or a research group, trying to use all the information at its disposal to make the quickest possible progress. In pursuing progress, Bayesians tend to be aggressive and optimistic with their modeling […]

Inconsistencies in Bayesian Models of Decision-Making

But modeling devices that make sense for an unbiased decisionmaker may not make sense for a biased one. For example, why would individuals have priors and posteriors if they are destined to apply Bayes’ law incorrectly?1 A question I often ask myself. Wolfgang Pesendorfer : Behavioral Economics Comes of Age: A Review Essay on Advances […]

Useful One-Line for Mac OS X Users

Today I needed to quickly reverse the order of rows in a LaTeX table. This command nicely did the trick: 1 pbpaste | awk ‘{ line[NR] = $0 } END { for (i=NR;i>0;i–) print line[i] }’ I stole the awk piece from here.