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Implementing the Exact Binomial Test in Julia

One major benefit of spending my time recently adding statistical functionality to Julia is that I’ve learned a lot about the inner guts of algorithmic null hypothesis significance testing. Implementing Welch’s two-sample t-test last week was a trivial task because of the symmetry of the null hypothesis, but implementing the exact binomial test has proven […]

Floating Point Arithmetic and The Descent into Madness

While I should confess upfront that I’ve always had a weaker command of the details of floating point arithmetic than I feel I ought to have, this sort of thing still blows my mind when I stumble upon it. These moments invariably make me realize that floating point math will simply never satisfy my naive […]

Comparing Julia and R’s Vocabularies

While exploring the Julia manual recently, I realized that it might be helpful to put the basic vocabularies of Julia and R side-by-side for easy comparison. So I took Hadley Wickham’s R Vocabulary section from the book he’s putting together on the devtools wiki, put all of the functions Hadley listed into a CSV file, […]

Simulated Annealing in Julia

Simulated Annealing in Julia

Building Optimization Functions for Julia In hopes of adding enough statistical functionality to Julia to make it usable for my day-to-day modeling projects, I’ve written a very basic implementation of the simulated annealing (SA) algorithm, which I’ve placed in the same JuliaVsR GitHub repository that I used for the code for my previous post about […]