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Will Data Scientists Be Replaced by Tools?

The Quick-and-Dirty Summary I was recently asked to participate in a proposed SXSW panel that will debate the question, “Will Data Scientists Be Replaced by Tools?” This post describes my current thinking on that question as a way of (1) convincing you to go vote for the panel’s inclusion in this year’s SXSW and (2) […]


As some of you may know already, I’m co-organizing an upcoming conference called DataGotham that’s taking place in September. To help spread the word about DataGotham, I’m cross-posting the most recent announcement below: We’d like to let you know about DataGotham: a celebration of New York City’s data community! This is an event run […]

The Social Dynamics of the R Core Team

The Social Dynamics of the R Core Team

Recently a few members of R Core have indicated that part of what slows down the development of R as a language is that it has become increasingly difficult over the years to achieve consensus among the core developers of the language. Inspired by these claims, I decided to look into this issue quantitatively by […]