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What is Correctness for Statistical Software?

What is Correctness for Statistical Software?

Introduction A few months ago, Drew Conway and I gave a webcast that tried to teach people about the basic principles behind linear and logistic regression. To illustrate logistic regression, we worked through a series of progressively more complex spam detection problems. The simplest data set we used was the following: This data set has […]

What is Economics Studying?

Having spent all five of my years as a graduate student trying to get psychologists and economists to agree on basic ideas about decision-making, I think the following two pieces complement one another perfectly: Cosma Shalizi’s comments on rereading Blanchard and Fischer’s “Lectures on Macroeconomics”: Blanchard and Fischer is about “modern” macro, models based on […]

A Cheap Criticism of p-Values

One of these days I am going to finish my series on problems with how NHST is issued in the social sciences. Until then, I came up with a cheap criticism of p-values today. To make sense of my complaint, you’ll want to head over to Andy Gelman’s blog and read the comments on his […]

The State of Statistics in Julia

Updated 12.2.2012: Added sample output based on a suggestion from Stefan Karpinski. Introduction Over the last few weeks, the Julia core team has rolled out a demo version of Julia’s package management system. While the Julia package system is still very much in beta, it nevertheless provides the first plausible way for non-expert users to […]