September Talks

To celebrate my last full month on the East Coast, I’m doing a bunch of talks. If you’re interested in hearing more about Julia or statistics in general, you might want to come out to one of the events I’ll be at:

  • Julia Tutorial at DataGotham: On 9/12, Stefan and I will be giving a 3-hour long, hands on Julia tutorial as part of the Thursday DataGotham activities this year. If you’re in NYC and care about data analysis, you should try to make it out to part of the event, even if you skip the tutorials.
  • Online Learning Talk in NYC: On 9/17, I’ll be giving a talk on online learning at the Open Statistical Programming meetup. I’ll talk about using SGD to fit models online. This material is quite basic, but seems to be unfamiliar to a lot of people.
  • Julia Talk in DC: On 9/26, I’ll be giving a quick introduction to Julia in DC at the Statistical Programming DC meetup. The goal will be to introduce people to the basics of Julia.