Kantian Morality

Whoever searches for an act moral in a Kantian sense will search as long and as futilely as the alchemists once searched for the philosopher’s stone.

Victimless Crimes

From the standpoint of any sane morality, there can be no victimless crimes: a crime, by definition, must have a victim. All outrage against an action without a victim is morally vacuous.

The Procrastinator’s Redemption

We are seldom so disposed to complete an task we have delayed as when we are given a new task we want to put off.

The Stupidest Voice Is Always Loudest

The size of your audience increases as the accuracy of your views decreases.

The Folly of Wisdom

No one is more certain of her own wisdom or experience than a young woman.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Those who say that everything happens for a reason should really say that everything can be turned to their advantage.

Big Ideas, Small Minds

Some ideas are so big that they break a hole through nearly every mind they enter.

Sexuality and Love

Treated with restraint, sexuality can create love where there is none, but in excess it will destroy love wherever it is.

A Moral Life

A moral life begins with the understanding that the lives of all are the product of the actions of each.

Photos of Ourselves

We invariably take more pleasure in taking photos of ourselves than others have in looking at them.