What’s Next

The last two weeks have been full of changes for me. For those who’ve been asking about what’s next, I thought I’d write up a quick summary of all the news. (1) I successfully defended my thesis this past Monday. Completing a Ph.D. has been a massive undertaking for the past five years, and it’s […]

Apologies for Polluting Twitter

I’d like to publicly apologize to anyone that follows me on Twitter and saw the argument I started with two people yesterday morning. While I still believe that the people on the other side of the argument had behaved inappropriately enough that someone needed to confront them, my actual reaction was completely counter-productive and represented […]

Brave New World

I am sitting on a NJ Transit train en route from Princeton to New York for a seminar on fMRI statistical analysis. As I travel, I’m corresponding in real time with my best friend, who lives in Madrid. We’re making plans for my trip there next week. And alI I can think about is how […]