Current Events

A Note on Susan Boyle’s Triumph

I finally watched the video of Susan Boyle’s success on “Britain’s Got Talent” this morning. It is, indeed, an amazing performance. Plainly, this is as close as we get in real life to the fairy tale story of an overlooked woman with amazing skills finally being given the honors she deserves. I am quite excited […]

Mushrooms Poison “Horse Whisperer” Author

Nicholas Evans’ agent said the writer, his wife, her sister and the sister’s husband became sick after cooking and eating mushrooms they had picked in the woods on Aug. 23. The A.P. Watt literary agency said tests established that the mushrooms included the highly toxic variety Cortinarius speciosissimus, which attacks the kidneys.1 At the risk […]

Follow-Up to a Case of Uxoricide

As evidence against the claims of every person who insists that the opinions of all people in our society need to be respected, I submit the following evidence from the recent prosecution of Hans Reiser for uxoricide: Exhibit A — The comments posted on the Wired article that reported Reiser’s conviction. Exhibit B — A […]