Progressive, n.

Progressive, n. A political activist who seeks to force upon the people the “freedom” they do not want.

Internet, n.

Internet, n. The world’s largest soapbox.

Love, n.

Love, n. A form of naïvete in regard to the character of another. Unsurprisingly — in light of the fact that we most often love those who resemble us in some way –. it also a form of naïvete in regard to oneself.

Tourism, n.

Tourism, n. A degenerate form of colonialism, in the way that Spanish is a degenerate form of Latin.

Blame, n.

Blame, n. The law of casuality as applied to human beings.

Liberal, n.

Liberal, n. A man who laments the absence of compassion and sense of duty to the lower classes on the part of the upper classes, but fails to show even basic decency towards his friends, family and the others he comes across in his personal life; a man who feels deep compassion for those he […]

Environmentalist, n.

Environmentalist, n. A person with pretenses to a biologist’s knowledge, but who fails to grasp that natural selection makes it clear that nature must necessarily be red in tooth and claw.

Rationalization, n.

Rationalization, n. The process whereby irrational impulses are given seemingly rational ends, the creator of the true cloud of unknowing in which we live.

Capitalism, n.

Capitalism, n. A system of economics based upon the discovery that it is possible to sell stupid people useless products at high prices.

Love, n.

Love, n. The overestimation of something.