Tunnel Vision

What made his company so unpleasant was not simply that he was unable to see the forest for the trees, but that he went about like some evangelizing atheist informing everyone he met that he did not even believe in forests — that these mythical forests were, in point of fact, some vague nonsense born […]


Upon seeing her, the only thing I could think to say was that she was dressed as if she were named Goneril.

Endless Hitherandthithering

He was continuously surprised anew by her endless hitherandthithering; moreso because he was never certain whither she went. He was not even certain that there was a definite direction — that it was not movement for movement’s sake he was watching.

Tears in the Canopy of This World

I should like to meet anyone who has ever felt, if but for the briefest of moments, that the stars in the night sky are really tears in the canopy of this world — and that, with resolve and perseverance, one might succeed in clawing one’s way out of this world through them.

This Comedy for the Gods’ Amusement

This comedy we act out for the gods’ amusement is a tragedy to us who must live it.

He and She

She was too sweet to be steadfast; he too firm to be forgiving. But their love was the best that life could offer either of them and that was enough for them.

Pro Bono

A: Why are you so upset with him? You would do the same things too under the right circumstances. You must know that, in the end, everyone has their price. B: You’re right: everyone does have a price. My problem with him is he seems to be doing these things pro bono.

Aesthetic Sense

He was an artist more informed by a theory of aesthetics than by a sense of aesthetics.

Gladly Unhappy

She was a woman with whom I could only be gladly unhappy: she was ideally suited to sharing my misery, but a state of mutual happiness was quite simply impossible. She could only be happy while in love and she could never be in love with me; and when I was happy, her depression seemed […]