Personal Genome Project Update

I just received an e-mail from the Personal Genome Project. They are finally ready to expand to a larger number of volunteers. I hope I’ll be among the next set of volunteers accepted into the program. Anyone interested in volunteering themselves should go to the Personal Genome Project website and register.

Genetics, Families and Romantic Love

Bryan Caplan recently put up a great post describing the take away lessons he thinks behavioral genetics offers to parents and singles: The practical lesson of behavioral genetics for parents, in my view, is to stop trying so hard to change your kids. The practical lesson of Rowe’s evidence for singles, in contrast, seems to […]

Become Who You Are

One of the most remarkable observations from twins studies is that the role of genetics in shaping many traits grows with time rather than diminishes. I have always been fascinated by this: thinking about it now, as I am reading J. Settle, C. T. Dawes and J. H. Fowler’s paper, “The Heritability of Partisan Attachment”, […]

I Want to Be in a White Minority

Steven Pinker has given us all yet another reason to think highly of him: he’s one of ten people who’ve put their entire genome online in an attempt to push science forward amid growing fears about personal privacy and genetic discrimination. I, for one, am tempted to join the cause — whatever the risks may […]