The Continuing Inanity of Hate Speech Laws

I’ve said it before: hate speech laws, whenever they exist, will always be exploited to suppress speech that’s politically charged. Italy’s proving my point this week, as it contemplates Web restrictions after the attack on Berlusconi.

Underage Drinking and Pointless Laws

Underage Drinking and Pointless Laws

Riding the PATH this morning on my early morning commute back to Princeton, I saw this sign from a new Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey campaign to maintain our current drinking age. While I am as drug-free as they come and no fan of alcohol, the sign struck me as classic, meaningless political rhetoric. […]

The End of The Exclusionary Rule?

Dear Supreme Court, Please do not end the Exclusionary Rule. We do not need to encourage the police to disregard the constitutional requirement for warrants. Thank you.

The Supreme Court Agrees to Rule on Process Patents

Bilski, et al., v. Doll is now on the Supreme Court’s docket. Now that is something to be excited about.

Shipping American Products to Europe

My friend Harek and I were recently discussing the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why both Amazon’s Kindle and Amazon’s considerable repertoire of e-books are not available for sale outside of the U. S.. I noted that there are many legal hoops one must go through before selling a product in the countries of the European […]

Why Shouldn’t I Put You in Jail?

This snippet of court proceedings is amazing: “Why shouldn’t I put you in jail for contempt today?” Booth asked. “I told you twice.” “I’m sorry,” Arnold said. “No, you’re not,” Booth said. “I told you twice. I even fined you for being in contempt. Why shouldn’t I throw you in jail today? You apparently don’t […]

Hate Speech Must Be Considered Free Speech

Over at Gene Expression, Razib has posted an article entitled, “Insulting religions and races; should it be allowed?“, that has done a little to restore my faith in the willingness of Americans to respect freedom of speech. I have previously written about the worrisome willingness of Canadians and many Europeans to suppress speech that is […]