Axiomatic Evolutionary Theory

At present, we can enjoy the benefit of Babylonian and Egyptian notions of evolution, but we still must wait for a Euclid to organize these scattered pieces into a perfect whole.

Presidential Candidates

Ralph Nader’s candidacy should be a reminder to us all that, though we seldom use the word vanity today in its original sense, the reality behind the word is still very much with us.

The Aphorist

The central assumption of the aphorist is that the concerns of literature are few and abstract, rather than many and specific. In this way, he differs fundamentally from the journalist, who must present many details, but few general observations. Equally importantly, the aphorist believes in concision and exactitude; he believes that, by returning to the […]

The Mind Commands Itself and is Resisted

The mind commands the body, and the body obeys. The mind commands itself and is resisted. The mind commands the hand to be moved and there is such readiness that the command is scarcely distinguished from the obedience in act. Yet the mind is mind, and the hand is body. The mind commands the mind […]

Monju: The Bad Sleep Well

It is remarkable how much the story of the cover-up of the events that occurred after the failure of the Monju nuclear reactor reminds me of the plot of Kurosawa’s “The Bad Sleep Well.” The verisimiltude hereby given to Kurosawa’s tale implies something about the Japanese. That said, the video, which can be seen at […]

Lithuania Considers Changing Its Name

The nation of Lithuania is considering changing its name I have not seen many better examples lately of a proposal to make a costly change that will ultimately prove irrelevant. It will do Lithuania no good to be named differently if most Americans cannot locate it or its neighbors, such as Estonia or Latvia, on […]

Analogies and Reasoning Subtest

Determine the value of X in the analogy below: Thulsa Doom : L. Ron Hubbard :: X : Tom Cruise

The Aeolus Delusion

Today’s weather suggests that I may have offended Poseidon recently.

One Short Sleep Past

As our bodies, exhausted after much travail, must rest, so too may love, compassion or forgiveness need to sleep when they have been too much taxed. But that does not mean that they will not awake again.

One Thing Thou(gh)?

Of all the shortened spellings currently popular, I think the most problematic is the use of “thou” as an alternative for “though”. I am genuinely confused by this at times when I find that I cannot parse a sentence using the assumption that “thou” means “you”.