Once Again: Prefer Confidence Intervals to Point Estimates

Today I saw a claim being made on Twitter that 17% of Jill Stein supporters in Louisiana are also David Duke supporters. For anyone familiar with US politics, this claim is a priori implausible, although certainly not impossible. Given how non-credible this claim struck me as being, I decided to look into the origin of […]

But Muddle We Must

We are constantly exploited by the tools meant to foil our exploitation. For a progressive to acknowledge as much is tantamount to abandoning progressivism. So it’s no surprise that progressives would rather worry over trivialities such as campaign finance reform than dwell on the paradoxes of political power. But it really isn’t the Citizens United […]

The War on Terror is Over: Repent!

Here’s an excerpt from a WSJ piece on “The War on Terror” that I found bewildering: Individually, some of this may be arguable. In toto, it’s a death sentence for an effective war on terror. It makes what’s left of the war—telephone wiretaps or monitoring money transfers—vulnerable to a steady stream of congressional and legal […]

The Death of Freedom of Speech

The contemporary Western cult of tolerance has claimed a new victim: Michael Savage has been banned from entering Britain after being placed on the ‘hate list’. I think Savage is a dolt, but I cannot tolerate restricting his freedoms simply because of his views. I find Europe’s increasingly pervasive disregard for freedom of speech repulsive. […]

The Obama Administration vs. American Industry

Specifically, the FTC takes issue with the close relationship between the boards of the two companies. Both boards share two directors, which, according to U.S. legislation, is a big no-no. Despite it being a technical violation, however, it often happens that directors do sit on multiple boards, and the FTC rarely steps in, in most […]

Human / Chimpanzee Parallels

Since I posted a little while ago about the recent PLoS One article on chimpanzee prostitution, I thought that I should show that I am no speciesist by reminding us all that human prostitution is alive in just those forms we see among the chimpanzees. These two articles I read today should serve as case […]

The Demise of the Republican Party?

According to Pew, only 28% of voters now call themselves Republicans. It seems sad to me that the enormous incompetence of the Republican Party over the past eight years seems to be leaving us temporarily with a one party system. While it seems clear that the Republicans deserve their fate, I worry about the absence […]

The Auto Industry Fiasco

The government bailout of the auto industry just keeps getting worse: we’ve got the government rewriting car warranties now.

Rethinking the American Dream

It was freedom from want, not freedom to want -— a world away from the idea that the patriotic thing to do in tough times is go shopping.1 Kamp’s essay is very good, though there are implicit assumptions about the continuity of intentions and consequences that I find troubling. Vanity Fair : David Kamp : […]

Oklahoma vs. The Catholic Church

It’s sad how easy it can be to catalog American democracy’s faults. As a case study, consider that the Oklahoma state government was just recently working to prevent Richard Dawkins from speaking at the University of Oklahoma because his public statements on the theory of evolution demonstrate an intolerance for cultural diversity and diversity of […]