Illinois Declares Pluto a Planet

Here’s democracy at its worst: astronomy is being revised according to the popular vote in Illinois. It’s particularly fascinating to see that the goal for this change is to increase the number of scientific accomplishments contributed by the people of Illinois.


Cause to be grateful: Washington is now the second state to allow its citizens the right to suicide. I think we are finally moving away from the moral prohibition of suicide that Christianity forced upon humanity as a countermeasure after having given humans every reason to wish to die.

The Bipartisan Demand for Buying American

The Bipartisan Demand for Buying American

Part of the reason I find it difficult to take our two party system seriously is that Americans from both parties tend to hold very similar beliefs — often on precisely those issues over which I wish there were more disagreement. As a case in point, consider today’s Pew report on attitudes towards “buying American”: […]

The Fairness Doctrine Dies

Bless you, American Senate, for knocking down The Fairness Doctrine. You’ve done a good deed today. Attempts to make society just based on naive numerical equality procedures strike me as uniformly insipid.

Fair Copyright in Research Works Act

Given that we know that the Democrats are the party of the people, it must come as a surprise that Democratic Representative John Conyers has re-introduced the Fair Copyright in Research Works Act, which will remove the legal requirement that all research performed by federal agencies be published in journals providing open access to the […]

Change You Can Download

I have to admit it: I prefer change I can download to change I can believe in.

Democrats and Republicans

A friend just referenced a recent New York Times op-ed entitled, Herbert Hoover Lives. I agree with very little of the content of the op-ed, but thought it was worth reading if only because reading it made clear to me why I have so little patience for either of our two major American political parties: […]

Crimes without Prosecution

4. Back to politics. One can easily imagine the defense strategy, which will start by calling to the stand various Democratic senators and representatives who had been informed of the interrogation tactics and did not publicly object to them at the time. The testimony would surely be entertaining, as the politicians would be put in […]

A Publian Thought

I find it distressing that people are much more interested in talking about Obama’s inauguration than in discussing the merits and demerits of his proposed policies.


From the state that brought you U.S. Americans who couldn’t afford maps: a move to outlaw profanity. Thank you, South Carolina, for proving that the First Amendment will always need someone to defend it against its enemies.