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Turning Off Comments

A few days ago I disabled the comment system on this site. I’d been debating the change for some time, but reached a final decision while reading the comments on an article about a vaccine for Lyme disease. Although this site has generally had very high quality comments, I’ve become increasingly opposed (as a matter […]

Back to Blogging

If you’re subscribed to this blog, you’ve surely noticed the very long hiatus I’ve taken from writing over the last six months. I wish I’d kept up with blogging more faithfully this year, but, in my defense, I’ve been busy doing a few big things: I wrote a book with Drew Conway called Machine Learning […]

Spam Comments

I may have deleted a genuine comment by accident today while cleaning out the spam queue. My apologies if it was yours. I generally delete all the comments in my spam queue without checking their contents carefully because of their quantity. Only after clicking the delete button a few moments ago did I notice that […]

Theme Change

I’ve changed the theme on this blog to the Hybrid theme. I was tired of how busy the old theme was, and I wanted more space for graphics and code snippets. If you have any suggestions for cleaning things up even more, please let me know.